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Chichester Fringe

Epic Comedy is proudly collaborating with
Chichester Fringe 2023.

Epic Comedy is  proudly collaborating with Chichester Fringe to provide an excellent opportunity for new comedy acts.

Paul Cox of Epic Comedy says, ‘Epic Comedy is very excited to collaborate with Chichester Fringe! Founded in 2021, with the sole intention of bringing the most epic comedy shows to local communities. At the heart of everything we do is community, so this is a very exciting partnership for us!’

Important Info 

The Chichester Fringe is responsible for all promotion, sales and access to venues. For all information and enquires please contact, or visit their website.

Katie Bennett, Simon O’Hea and Carol Webb


55A West St, Bognor Regis, PO21

07881 700862

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Chichester Fringer 2023
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